Up until a few years ago there was no treatment for this disease, only an exhaustive and frustrating treatment based on physical stimulation.

Thanks to the complementary diet for the newborn the future of these children is completely different, they live an almost normal life physically as well as intellectually.

Many children with Down’s syndrome have had this diet and the results have been extraordinary in all the cases.



Children with Down’s syndrome which are put in this program gain a physical and mental development which softens the characteristics of this disease to a point that they are almost normal; the ones put in a milk based diet are not so lucky. Here are two cases:

In London, England, a boy was born with Down’s syndrome and was started on the complementary diet from the beginning. This child had a heart surgery to correct a double inter-atrial and intra-ventricular communication. The second day after the surgery he was out of the ICU and the fifth day after he went home. Seven other children who had the same type of surgery on the same day, were still in the ICU when the Down’s syndrome boy went home. This child moved to Caracas when he was 5 years old and went to a Montessori school for normal children. He was accepted because he passed tests for intellectual capacity. This child lives now in Bogotá, is bilingual and goes to the American School (Nueva Granada).

In Bogotá, a little girl was also born with Down’s syndrome. Her Grandfather is a Pediatrician and she was put on a mother milk based diet for the first 2 months of life. At this point she had no weight gain and no Moro reflex. That’s when she was started on the complementary diet; ten days later she had gained almost 1 pound, had a Moro reflex and was in a very good shape. She is now 7 years old and at the present time is attendinga school for normalchildren. (Colegio Pepa Castro en Bogotá)



These marvelous substances or elements that appear in the world of medicine as a new galaxy can be defined as life itself. There is no metabolic process without one present. On them relies the performance of all activities in the living creature organism.

Any enzymatic abnormality will necessarily develop a pathology in the living creature.

The enzymatic system grows day to day as new enzymes are discovered. We know more than 350 metaloenzymes; more than 5000 have been identified and there is enough scientific support to assume there are more than 50.000.

The enzymatic system relies essentially on a good nutrition, one that provides all elements, aminoacids, minerals, vitamins, etc., required for its continuos production.

The organism must replace close to 230.000 cells per second or 20 thousand millions per day; this process requires a good enzymatic presence. It is obvious that in the newborn the situation is even more critical because apart from replacing cells the newborn has to grow all kinds of tissues, specially brain tissue, whose cellular proliferation is produced and expanded until the sixth month of life.

his shows us the enzymatic damage produced in the newborn due to a poor nutrition caused when the newborn is fed milk only. If we add cow milk to mother’s milk, the damage is even worse because the alterations in the brain are irreversible. From this kind of diet we obtain an intellectually handicapped individual with behavioral problems like the children who kill their classmates, parents, teachers without a reason. These are mentally disturbed individuals open to war and drugs, frustrated and filled with envy, hatred, fanatics that kill people in the name of God. The destruction of our environment, our flora, our fauna and anything that stands in the way of the economic interests of these individuals is a clear demonstration of an intellectual handicap, of a lack of intelligence.


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